In the owner’s shoes. BMW M4 CSL

The most savage M4 yet is making its debut, and we are lucky to see it on RoadStr

We continue with our series of mini-blogs where we detail some of the vehicles that our RoadStr members have in their garage. These are cars that are unique, special, or make you turn your head when passing them on the road.

As the title reads, this time we bring you the latest trim that BMW launched in its M4 Coupe lineup. Of course -let’s not fool ourselves, we are 100% sure- the acronym CSL (Coupé Sport Lightweight) sounds familiar to you. We know that these acronyms in BMW indicate something special, since they are inherited from the very popular M3 e46, which marked a milestone in the M saga.

This time though, the model chosen to continue the saga is the M4, the reference coupé saloon since the Bavarian brand presented it at the Paris Motor Show back in 2013, with the F80 model designation.

Straight to the point. Let’s meet the owner of this spectacular m4 csl.

His name is Tony and he’s 33 years old.

Tony is a businessman who’s been fond of the motor world since he basically started walking. He tells us, “My relatives always remind me that when I was very young, I was always looking at car magazines at every family event”.

He remembers his first “sports car”, a C30 T5, then a BMW M2, and now this, as he points ahead at the M4 CSL.

He’s also owned several Harleys, and in the sports bike segment he’s previously owned an S1000R.

He tells us that both the M4 CSL and the M1000RR are still in process of getting protective film. It’s only been a few weeks and his work does not allow much time to enjoy them yet.

Let’s get to the good stuff: what are the aspects that Tony likes most and least about his BMW M4 CSL?

Highlights of my M4 CSL:

– Massive power, unbelieveable what it pushes. As rumored, I’m sure it has more CV and torque than what’s officially published.
– Even though it is a “heavy” car, the “L” in CSL for “Lightweight” is definitely noticeable. The whole body and its dimensions feel very light. There are times when you push out of the curve and it seems that it has all-wheel drive. It’s tuned to the minute detail.
– The design is full of details that differentiate it. You can see that BMW M put a lot of love into it.

Things I like least about my M4 CSL:

– So much power in the rear wheels has its drawbacks, especially when you don’t warm up the tires. It loses a lot of traction when accelerating hard.
– They could have put some more detail on the dashboard to differentiate it more from the norm

Tony confesses that it’s been difficult for him to find the less positive aspects of his BMW…

Connect with Tony on RoadStr: @razorsgarage
Photos by Oscar Molero (RS: @Samm.o)

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