RoadStr now works with CarPlay

RoadStr has launched a new version of the app, now compatible with CarPlay. In RoadStr, you can find more than 8.000 routes shared to drive the best roads in Spain, United Kingdom, United States of America and other places around the world. Their community, with more than 300,000 members, created more than 30.000 events, which you can now drive directly using just the screen or GPS of your car. With RoadStr CarPlay you can choose where to go, and the navigator will lead you to routes, events and points of interest, being able to share your real time location with other RoadStr members.

Drive the best ROADS

In RoadStr, there are more than 8.000 routes, from well-known roads in Los Angeles, such as Los Angeles Crest Highway, to the best rally roads and mountain’s ports of other places around the world. This is the time to stop using three different apps to drive a route with your friends or car club! Now with RoadStr, you can create, share and follow routes from your car. You have the option to share your location, and be able to see other drivers in the map, with the pictures of their cars as the avatar.


More than 30,000 events have been created by the RoadStr community in the app, which you can now reach without switching apps. Simply by pressing the Drive now button on the event section, within the app. Clicking on this button will open the route that will take you to your destination, such as the next Cars and Coffee or car show in your area. Don’t get lost again going to a car event, as now it guides you to the exact location you are going to. Don’t worry about putting in the wrong address or taking the wrong exit – events are marked with red icons. Meet people with sport cars, supercars, all kinds of cars!

Additionally, in events where the objective is to go on a planned route, the application allows you to add the way to the meeting point, and from that same CarPlay screen, you can drive the route shared by the organizer. This functionality is perfect for car clubs and groups.


Many times when we are driving we don’t realise what surrounds us. Thanks to this function, users will not miss any of the interesting points on their route. The RoadStr app community has shared thousands of points of interest on the platform, marked as green dots. Points of interest can range from a beautiful road, through to circuits like Silverstone and other relevant places like a cafe dedicated to cars, to a bridge to take incredible photos. Points of interest in CarPlay will appear green. There are three sections:

  • Camera: The first section shows points of interest related to photography, such as a beautiful place or an incredible bridge to take photos with your sports car. These are places that attract attention and deserve to be shared.
  • Road: The second option, with a road icon, shows roads to enjoy of all kinds. Mountain passes, winding roads, incredible landscapes, etc.
  • Flag: The third icon, represented with a flag, shows other points of interest relevant to car enthusiasts, such as Silverstone circuit or places like Caffeine & Machine or motor museums.


Sometimes, we don’t have a defined route, and we just want to drive with some friends. With this feature, other users can see your location and join you on the adventure. RoadStr members whose location is on will appear on the map with circular avatars of their chosen car. This feature also provides some safety, by knowing the real-time location of your friends.


What RoadStr is looking for with the use of CarPlay, is the sensation and experience of playing a video game in real life, where you are the driver and the leader, and your friends can also participate.Share your location with your friends publicly for other driving enthusiasts to join your routes and adventures.

Never before has it been so easy to enjoy your driving, and find incredible places and experiences. If you have a car club, don’t wait any longer, this is what you have been waiting for!




Discover the best roadsEVENTS Y GRoUPS iN ROADSTR APP

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