Canyon Run in Los Angeles

Local RoadStr users go for a drive in LA

RoadStr is all about sharing our passion, meeting new friends, and best of all, going for drives! Turn on RoadSharing Mode and go on drives with other users. Check out our latest video filmed and edited by @angelaltes where local users meet for a fun canyon drive.

Create your own drives in RoadStr

It’s easy to create your own drives on RoadStr!

  1. Create a plan and keep it simple: find an easy and accessible meeting point, and plan a nice route on a low-traffic, scenic road. Keep the length around 1 hour.
  2. Press the “+” button on the home screen of the RoadStr app and create an event. Make sure to select the type “drive”, which will send a notification to local area users.
  3. Specify the meeting point on the event location. In the description, tell users when to meet and when you’ll be leaving for your drive. We recommend a 30-minute window between the start time and your departure time.
  4. Got a route planned? Create it in Google Maps in advance (or any standard map application), then share the link to the route on the event URL field. This makes it easy for others to access the route.
  5. It’s GO time! Post the event and share it with friends. Don’t forget to turn on RoadSharing Mode during the event to keep track of each other. Have a fun and safe drive!

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Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store

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