Porsche Club Grand Prix 2019

This past September 21st, 2019, the Spanish Porsche Club held their annual Grand Prix at the “Circuito del Jarama” in Madrid.

There were attendees from all over Spain, featuring everything from the iconic classics that we all love, to the latest and greatest GT models. Porsche heaven.

The “Porsche Club España” is already on RoadStr, and to celebrate the fact that Spain’s oldest car club joined the app, we held a “Concours” selecting the best classic, the most unique configuration, and the most aggressive spec.

The winners were an impeccable 911 SC, a Silver Rose 944 Turbo Cup with a unique interior, and a GT3 RS with green accents.

The day started out very cloudy, but against all odds, it remained dry for the whole event and the attendees enjoyed the trackday and car meet. As you can see in the pictures by our ambassador and photographer @csotillo87, there were a lot of smiles at the track, good conversation, and many laughs in the paddock accompanied by the beautiful soundtrack of the Boxer engines.

Porsches, family, friends, and a shared passion, what more could you ask for?

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