Filming day in Barcelona with RoadStr

WRITTEN BY: RS: @davidlopean

PHOTOS BY: RS: @samm.o

The city is attractive not only for its history, culture, gastronomy and beaches, but also for the surrounding roads and their views of the Mediterranean Sea. A few days ago we created an event in RoadStr to drive and discover one of these areas and to film the experience. The result was incredible, even better than we had hoped. We counted on the help of our ambassador, Ángel Altes (RS: @angelaltes), who accompanied and guided us with his Volkswagen Golf GTI Club Sport seventh generation.

Even though the event was scheduled in the middle of the week, we were joined by a great variety of users and incredible cars, demonstrating the quality and diversity of cars on RoadStr and in the hands of our users. Joining us were: a Jaguar F-Type R Convertible, a Mini Hatch Cooper S R56 Convertible, a Fiat 500 Abarth (RS: @samm.o), an Alpine A110 owned by Renault Alpine Spain in a beautiful and rare-to-see Blue Abysse, and a Chevrolet Corvette C7 from the importer V8 Classic Trucks.

During our drive we took photos and filmed in famous movie settings, such as the iconic Garraf Natural Park, with sections of steep rises and descents that would make your heart stop as we made our way to the top where we could see the sea. We also enjoyed views of the Mirador de Sarria, a great place for taking photos of our cars with the Barcelona skyline and Mediterranean Sea in the background. You can also find and enjoy this point of interest by taking a look inside the app, searching on the map screen in RoadStr.

We take the opportunity to record the sound of each engine, starting with the smaller displacement cars like the 500 Abarth and the Mini Hatch with their beautiful and suggestive four-cylinder purrs versus the Jaguar F-Type R’s V8 grunt. We left the Corvette for last. We figured the mighty American car wouldn’t leave any doubt about it’s power, and it didn’t. The V8, 6.2 liter from General Motors left us all with our mouths open.

We were very happy with the resulting video, which perfectly represents the concept we call the RoadStr experience. An amazing day, accompanied by true car enthusiasts, and the only thing missing was a quick swim at the beach.

And what about you? Would you like to enjoy a day like this meeting true car enthusiasts? Join RoadStr and be part of the fastest growing car community.

We want to thank Renault Alpine Spain and V8 Classic Trucks for participating.

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