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Still not familiar with RoadStr? Don’t worry, I’ll explain it with this report of the first Cars and Café organized by this smartphone app. And if you’re already familiar with it, I’m sure that you are going to enjoy seeing the high-end sportscars that accompanied this event dedicated to the most exclusive cars near Madrid and the surrounding area.

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The app, available both for Android and iOS, is based on a social network. We can upload our photos, including hashtags, locations, and tags of friends or businesses. But apart from that, RoadStr includes some potent functionalities that allow us to organize meetups, find nearby events, and even meet nearby enthusiasts. How? With a map where you can navigate and discover events and people that are sharing their location live.

Sunday, June 2nd was the day selected for the event well-known as “cars and coffee”. Likewise, Cars and Café brings together automotive fans to enjoy an early morning breakfast and cup of coffee. This type of event is easier to organize in England thanks to it’s great car culture, but now it’s been brought to Madrid thanks to the app.

Once the event was created in RoadStr, the list of attending sportscars began to rise like foam. For the day of the event there were more than 50 cars, such as a precious Ferrari 488 Pista that we were able to see the previous week in the event by 8000 Vueltas and a Porsche 911 GT2 RS painted in Silver GT.

The location couldn’t be better, located in the Puerto de Navacerrada as selected by the organizers, at the base of the Guarramillas Peak with the mountain dressed in Spring and under an intense June sun.

Of course, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS wasn’t the only representative of the company from Stuttgart. Additionally there were several 911s, Boxsters, and Caymans in their different variations and generations. Also spotted were the Ferrari 348 TS last seen at the 8000 Vueltas event, as well as a Ferrari 308 Quattrovalvole.

The legion of BMW Ms couldn’t be missed either, from modern models like the M4 to older models like the M3 E30, through to the first generation 8-Series.

The fleet of British automobiles represented by several models of Jaguar (such as the F-Type), Lotus (Exige and Evora) and the most bourgeois Aston Martin. Also on display was the Aston Martin Vantage, with its cut nose and a rear that has improved greatly in sportiness as compared to its predecessor.

From the other side of the pond, born from American culture, a replica of the exuberant Shelby Cobra Daytona. This coupe version of the Shelby Cobra convertible was only made for competition, so it’s not surprising that there are only six original units in the world and that each of them exceeds seven million dollars at auction.

This replica, manufactured by Factory Five Racing, is manufactured by hand and is virtually identical to the original Daytona Cobra. In the case of the replica, the good thing is that you can enjoy it on the circuit and drive home with it after.

If the Shelby Cobra Daytona is intimidating for its width and huge tires, the KTM X-Bow parked next to it achieves the same impression with its aggressive panels that surround the tubular chassis. A complete track toy that can also be used on drives and exhibited at events such as Cars and Café.

But without a doubt, what classic car fan like me was looking for were the eyes of Giulia. The people from IYLC (If You Like Cars) brought two vehicles in the typical and beautiful Alfa Romeo red, with one of them featuring a wide aerodynamic package from the GTAm competition.

The event ended at 12 noon, and some took advantage of going for a drive while others remained in the parking area enjoying the great atmosphere.

From Autolegends, we want to recommend the RoadStr app. Not only for being a social network where you can upload photos, but for the power to create and organize events, join together in meetups, and enjoy what we like most: cars.

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