RoadStr releases mobile app for driving local connections between real auto enthusiasts

available on iOS and Android August 5th, 2018

Los Angeles, CA – August 5th, 2018 – Available in major markets today on the Apple App Store and Google Play, RoadStr is a free mobile app and social networking platform developed for auto enthusiasts. The app focuses on driving real connections between auto enthusiasts who share a passion for the motoring world, providing a comprehensive platform with a focus on local events, shared groups, and even spontaneous meetups, igniting a new level of excitement above and beyond the usual social networking experience. RoadStr sets itself apart from other auto platforms through its emphasis on local connections.

RoadSharing, one of the most exciting features of the app, allows users to share their vehicle and location information in real-time on an integrated map. With a simple notification or a quick glance, users can see whether their friends, fellow group members, or the broader RoadStr community are willing to meetup or are cruising the streets in their favorite rides nearby. Users can even request ad-hoc meetups through the simple RoadSharing request process and more participants can join on the fly. Cruising local routes, meeting club members, or making new friends who share a common passion was never so easy. The map feature is further enhanced with nearby events taking place in the upcoming days.

RoadStr raises the standard even further through its high-quality content generated by users, groups, and businesses, all packaged in an easily discoverable manner through automatic suggestions tailored to each user’s interests and favorite car brands. And it’s all encapsulated in a beautiful and simple design.

The idea for the app stemmed from the lack of a robust and comprehensive social platform focused on the auto enthusiast community. Currently the auto community must visit multiples websites, Youtube, chats, and forums often without any local emphasis, making it difficult and time-consuming to follow your favorite auto topics or to meet other enthusiasts. RoadStr’s features are specifically tuned to the auto enthusiast’s needs, nailing together the authenticity and spontaneity of local events and connections with the full range of social networking features and auto content from across the world, right in the palm of your hand.

“The auto enthusiast community is a very social group”, said Alberto Moreno, Co-Founder and CEO of RoadStr. “The best moments often occur in person, when randomly spotting your own car or your favorite car on the street, at local auto shows, or getting a coffee with your local auto club”.

The RoadStr team is just getting started. Users can download the app worldwide for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play, starting immediately. Additional information is available on the RoadStr website at

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