Get involved! Be a RoadStr Ambassador

Would you like to meet other car enthusiasts in your area? Do you like creating meetups, going for drives, attending car events, or creating automotive photography? We’re looking for RoadStr Ambassadors that would like to help us create a better automotive community both in-app and in your local area!


It takes someone to make something. And that someone can be you.  

Be an Ambassador. Get Rewards.

As an ambassador, you’ll get rewarded. 

As an ambassador you will have the following privileges:

  • Official clothing at every event: you receive a sweatshirt at your first official event and a new garment every time.
  • RoadStr points: each official event you organize gives you 30 new points in your RoadStr wallet. Remember, each RoadStr point is equivalent to 1€ that you can spend on tires, modifications and much more. By organizing your own events, you earn more points. The more attendees, the higher your wallet score. If there are no RoadStr businesses in your area, don’t worry, the points don’t expire and you can spend them in the near future.
  • Ambassador emblem and mentions on networks: you get an emblem on your RoadStr user profile and mentions on our social networks every time you participate in a RoadStr activity. If you are a content creator, we share your material, so get ready to be the local star!
  • Annual drawings for MotoGP or F1 tickets among ambassadors: by being part of this exclusive team, you have a good chance of being the winner.
  • Discounts and special access to events organized by RoadStr.
  • You will be part of the local team of ambassadors in your area and you will be in contact with the other ambassadors and the RoadStr team.
  • You will be mentioned in our social media and within RoadStr every time you participate in a RoadStr activity.

You only have to do what you love.

So what does it take to be a RoadStr Ambassador? It’s as simple as:

  • Our approach is to create official events such as RoadStr Breakfasts, in various locations, with the support of our ambassadors to ensure their success. The new ambassadors will be the organizers together with us and will enjoy unique benefits and exclusivity.
  • The dynamic is as follows, we create groups of ambassadors by zones to organize and coordinate official events. In these groups, composed of organizers and filmmakers, we detail location and date and launch the event on our social networks. In short, you will be the exclusive leaders in your area!

And that’s it!

OK, so how do I sign up?

  • All you have to do is fill out the registration form by clicking here. Afterwards, we will review all applications and contact you as soon as possible.

Let’s go!

Join us and let’s make your local community more active than ever!

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